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Food Bank

Food Bank is a project designed to combat waste in our food supply-chain and to provide security for people at risk and other charities. The project functions in the following manner: food sourcing from supply chain system waste, checking quality and shelf-life, transport and distribution to the needy. The procedures are specifically designed to ensure the quality and safety of the distributed food.

Recovery Clinic Support

This project aims to provide funds and materials with the purpose of helping the Recovery Clinics to meet their basic needs. The funds come from donations and income generated from other projects. This partnership also allows access to openings in the local recovery clinics for our 24/7 recovery team that constantly combs the streets in our region searching for homeless and drug dependents who need help.

Halfway House

This project provides halfway houses between the recovery clinics and society. This will ensure a successful transition by providing access to community programs, including formal classes, vocational courses, and jobs. In addition, this project will also help post-clinic graduates through fellowship with other graduates while participating in these projects. The ultimate goals are a quicker recovery that allows for total rehabilitation and social reintegration.